Fisher F2 Metal Detector with Coil Combo Kit Review


Fisher F2 Metal Detector
The Good
  • Very clear LCD display combined with the 4 tone audio
  • Great pinpointing feature with depth readout
  • Notch system to accept or reject target categories
  • Very fast and sensitive target response
  • Great detector for beginner and intermediate alike
The Bad
  • Possibility of erratic reading when used on the beach


The Fisher F2 Metal Detector is an excellent metal detector for beginners and veterans alike as it is perfectly balanced and feature packed. This detector offers great performance and ease of use and you will be astounded with the performance and versatility of the Fisher F2. The model comes standard with an 8” concentric coil which is waterproof and is ideal for hunting on land or on the beach. Additionally there is a full range of optional search coils for different types of treasure hunting. It operates at an easy to use 7.8 kHz frequency, gives a rapid and precise target response and has a frequency shift that eliminates electrical interference.

The Fisher F2 Metal Detector finds targets up to 10-inches deep and one can use the pinpointer to hone in on the target. The best feature of the Fisher F2 is the advanced discrimination feature that makes it very useful in areas full of trash. This model has a large control panel and easy to read display with seven large push buttons. There is also an 8-segment visual target identification and 4 tone audio ID with a variable pitch.

This model also comes standard with an external headphones jack and using headphones will extend battery life, block external noises and allow you to hear the really deep targets.


Fisher F2



Fisher F2 Specifications and Features

  • 8-Segment Visual Target Identification and 4-tone Audio Identification
  • One-Touch Pinpoint With Numeric depth readout
  • 8” Concentric Search Coil
  • Ergonomic S-Handle Design
  • Coin depth indicator in motion search mode
  • Fast and Sensitive Target Response
  • 2-Digit Numeric Target Value
  • Includes Fisher FPoint Pinpointer and 4″ Search Coil
  • Lightweight at only 2.6 lbs
  • Includes two 9 volt alkaline batteries
  • 5 year Warranty


The Fisher F2 Metal Detector may be touted as a starter or beginner metal detector but don’t let that fool you. The F2 comes standard with powerful features normally only seen in detectors costing a lot more money. The LCD meter provides easy to read information as to whether the located item is worth digging up or not. The information values range from 0 (metal targets such as iron) to 99 (conductive targets which include silver coins).
When you have discovered an item you can use the pinpointer mode which will change the screen to show an approximate target depth. The LCD screen gives you a total of 8 visual identifications which are Iron, Foil, Nickel, Pulltabs, Zinc, Dime and Other.  The 4-tone audios are as laid out in the pictorial below —




The notch feature enables you to reject specific targets depending on what you are looking for – in other words you can notch out bottle caps or pull-tabs if you are searching an area that is littered with junk. This will leave targets above and below that setting as acceptable. The F2 can also be fitted with different types of coils for specific areas you want to target. The coils are all waterproof and can be used in shallow waters. The shaft of the Fisher F2 is also adjustable and should suit tall and short alike.



  • Great detector for beginner and intermediate alike.
  • Very clear LCD display combined with the 4 tone audio allows for easy identification of the target
  • Great pinpointing feature with depth readout which enables you to find your target easily
  • Notch system to accept or reject target categories
  • Lightweight (weighs only 2.6 pounds) and features a comfortable S-Handle design
  • Very fast and sensitive target response (Actually keeps up with as fast as you swing the detector)



  • Possibility of erratic reading when used on the beach


Users found the Fisher F2 Metal Detector easy to use, lightweight and a bargain for the price. The target ID works very well and the pinpointing is spot on. This detector is ideal for beginners just starting out, the construction is solid and it also comes with a bonus 4-inch coil and shaft. Great features of the Fisher F2 include the fast response, a very fast recovery speed and the identification is spot on almost every time.

Some advice for people using the Fisher F2 is to turn the sensitivity down as it is a lot more sensitive than other detectors. Use the 4-inch coil in areas where you expect to find a lot of trash and the detectors multiple response is very fast so move a bit slower and decrease your swing arc. The Fisher F2 is easy to use but do take the time to learn how to use it properly as there is a learning curve.


Fisher F2 Reviews

Reviewer Peter J “Peter” — The Fisher F-2 is just such a great machine, the different sounds help me when i am not looking at the screen. The 4 inch coil is great for those trashy areas and gets a respectable 6 inches in my soil. The 8 inch coil is just great for multiple purposes I found it also does well in trashy areas and have found my first Liberty half dollar with it last week!
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Reviewer Michael D. Chastain had this to add — Had the F2 for around a month now and it works perfect. Found my first silver with it the other day. Gets around 6 ot 7 inches deep and around 10 for bigger objects such as mason jar lids. I did add the 11 DD coil and found coins in areas already searched with 8 inch coil.
You can read the full review on Amazon by clicking Here


The Fisher F2 Metal Detector is a very hard machine to beat for the price, provides outstanding performance and easily competes with metal detectors that cost hundreds more. Highly recommended!






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